5 Miniature Golf Courses You Can’t Miss This Fall in Ocean County NJ

TODAY is National Mini Golf Day. I thought this would be a perfect place to remind you of some of the “best” mini golf here on the Jersey Shore.

It’s fall tomorrow and it’s about making memories and a great memory is playing mini-golf with the family. You picked the “best” of the best here in Ocean County and there were 5 that topped the mini golf list.

Fun day trip idea, bring the whole family and do all 5 in one day. Nothing says cold fall and a fun, competitive day of miniature golf with the whole family. We have some of the “best” players I’ve ever played here in Ocean County. I’ll take the pink ball or maybe the orange ball. Sorry, but pink usually brings me luck.

I know, I know that I tend to cheat a little bit when I’m hole punching. Every time I play Shawn Michaels, he says I’m cheating. Maybe, because I always win. Abby realizes now that I’m cheating, I’m a terrible mom. I think I created a cheat now in mini golf. (Ow, I know it’s terrible).

Most miniature golf courses have 18 holes, some have more. Then of course most of them have an ice cream shop right next door, stop in for your favorite scoop. It’s the perfect fall evening with family and friends.

Abby and her friends play all the time. I’m so happy to hear them say, “We’re going to play miniature golf. I think that’s so cool. Teenagers love it. Here are the top 5 not to be missed this fall:

Top 5 Miniature Golf Courses in Ocean County, Chosen by You

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