Above average snowfall good news for local golf courses

The Cooke Municipal Golf Course received more than enough snow this year after a previous dry winter. (Facebook/Cooke Municipal Golf Course)

Through Rob Mahon

Snow helps the golf course

15 Feb 2022 | 5:00 p.m.

You may be tired of shoveling and ready to put an end to all snowfall, but the heavy snowfall the Prince Albert area received was not bad news for everyone. For anyone trying to grow grass in the spring, the humidity is welcome.

This includes local golf courses, and the Cooke Municipal Golf Course has gotten all the snow it needs. Snow is important to them not only for what it will do to the grass as it melts, but also to protect the grass below.

“It’s not so much about moisture as getting enough protection for the turf,” said Darcy Myers, chief golf pro on the course. “We have covered more than a few feet this winter so far, so this will be more than enough protection for the turf. Hopefully we’ll have a nice slow spring melt so we don’t have any flooding.

According to Myers, the biggest challenge with a rapid melt is standing water. Hoarfrost needs to come out of the ground to absorb melting snow and get the moisture it needs to grow. The good news is that the extra snow this year puts the course at a better pace than last year’s dry winter.

Michael C. Ford