All about the best golf courses in Vernon

With spring just around the corner, we’re excited to start enjoying the sunny Okanagan weather we’ve grown accustomed to, and what better way to bring the spring vibe into your life than by spending a day at play golf at one of the incredible golf courses that Vernon has to offer.

Nestled between Kelowna and Kamloops, Vernon offers stunning lake views and charming scenery from any vantage point. The valley’s diverse terrain offers a variety of challenges for all skill levels.

If you are looking to spend an unforgettable day with family or friends, discover these four must-see golf courses that are sure to take your breath away!

Located 1,000 feet above the exquisite Okanagan Valley, The Rise Golf Course boasts unparalleled views and an unparalleled golfing experience.

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<p>Carved into the side of the mountain, the course offers a dynamic layout and extraordinary grass to “fly over the green”.  The championship course welcomes players of all skill levels with its extensive landing areas, as well as five sets of tees at each hole. </p>
<p dir=Each of their 12 holes has its own character and therefore offers you a unique experience throughout your course. This, coupled with a continuous panoramic view of the beautiful Okanagan Valley, is sure to create an unforgettable experience.

Looking to show off your skills? Look no further than the 17th hole, the toughest hole on the course. A good score on this par 4 hole will instantly give you bragging rights.

Directly across from the historic O’Keefe Ranch is the Spallumcheen Golf and Country Club, which is naturally dubbed “the jewel of the Okanagan”. It provides a great backdrop to the incredible day of golf on either or both of their two separate courses.

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<p>Their Executive Course offers unlimited play and an opportunity to test your short game skills.  This concise course features lush green fairways, foliage and brilliant flower beds.</p>
<p dir=At more than double the size is their 18-hole championship course with a 6,423 yard layout. Water comes into play throughout the 12 holes of this course, which adds excitement to the game, but also means there is a need for precision and accuracy.

There are over 60 bunkers for you to stand on and strategically placed tees, which means you’ll be plotting carefully as you approach each hole!

When you’re done, head to the clubhouse for a meal, cold draft beer, HDTVs, a beautiful scroll overlooking the 18th green, and a Trackman simulator.

Dubbed “Vernon’s best-kept secret,” the Vernon Golf and Country Club has been an inseparable part of Vernon culture since it was originally located in BX in 1913. In operation for nearly a century, Vernon Golf and Country Club has continued to provide a remarkable golfing experience to members and the public.

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<p>With beautiful views of the hills and a peaceful stream running the length of the course, the 18-hole course shows off all that the Okanagan terrain has to offer. </p>
<p dir=The Okanagan Valley Railway bisects the “inner five” from the rest of the historic route, and Vernon Creek borders the opening hole.

If you want an authentic Vernon experience, make Vernon Golf and Country Club one of your must-haves for this year’s golf season.

One of Vernon’s best known and most awarded golf courses is none other than Predator Ridge Golf Course.

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<p>The Predator course has something for all skill levels due to variations in the natural topography of the area.  The course offers a range of different difficulty levels to serve players throughout the 18-hole course. </p>
<p dir=If you are an expert player looking for more challenges, the Ridge Course is perfect for you! Recognized nationwide as one of Canada’s premier golf courses, The Ridge Course takes advantage of the landscape, offering magnificent vistas and delightful fairways.

Whether you are an expert or a novice, gOlf Vernon has something that will excite you and make you want to play again and again. If you need help planning #TheBestDayEver, contact the Vernon Tourism team for more information or visit their website today.

Michael C. Ford