Arccos Stat Tracking Sensors Now An Option On New Clubs From TaylorMade | Golf equipment: clubs, balls, bags

TaylorMade’s new commitment to a holistic approach to serving its customers through a revitalized app launched last month received further impetus this week when the company partnered with Arccos to offer the stat-tracking GPS grip sensors for free. of the company with new club purchases.

Arccos said its users have logged nine million games and 500 million shots with the system while playing courses in 194 countries. In total, the company, which also offers a newly enhanced Strokes Gained analytics platform across all major segments of the game, has developed over 35 billion separate data points to help golfers understand and assess their goals. current game and performance. Arccos has already announced similar deals with Cobra and Ping, as well as major clubfitting operations Club Champion, Cool Clubs and TXG.

Under the agreement, with the purchase of select TaylorMade clubs or iron sets, including new Stealth Drivers, Stealth Irons and P 790‚ irons, you have the option to order Grip Sensors Free Arccos and a free 45-day subscription to the Arccos platform. , Arccos Caddy. After the trial, the standard annual membership fee would apply ($120).

The TaylorMade-Arccos deal could improve the data tracking features of the MyTaylorMade+ app, although that process is still in development.

While Arccos often touts dramatic improvement in handicap by users, there’s no denying the wide range of game analytics produced by the app and the company’s GPS sensors. The app allows players to break down performance and set goals into strokes earned when driving, iron game, short game and putting, while providing specific distances for each club and traditional stats on shots. fairways and greens hit, sand saves and putts made. Its Arccos Caddy app includes on-course GPS and AI-based strategy and club recommendation functionality, tailored to each player’s current playing performance, specific course characteristics and conditions.

“The best players in the world, including TaylorMade’s team of grand champions, all leverage course data and stroke-earnings analysis to determine their strengths and weaknesses,” said Sal Syed, CEO and co-founder of TaylorMade. ‘Arcos. “Arccos’ mission is to enable all golfers, everywhere, to take the same approach.”

TaylorMade CEO David Abeles said the benefits for Arccos work in two ways. “By providing our customers with an incredible opportunity to access the Arccos Caddy platform, we are able to collect real-time data and provide unparalleled insight into all facets of their games,” he said. he declares. “This same data allows us to better understand how our clubs perform on the course, which helps us continue to push the boundaries of technology and create innovative products that deliver superior performance.”

Of course, as more and more average golfers use devices like Arccos, more data is available to show how well average golfers move around the golf course. This can play a huge role in how golf courses can not only be maintained, but also how holes can be renovated. For example, if the company’s stroke warehouse shows certain areas of the course that hardly ever see a golf ball, those areas might not need to be maintained as rigorously, reducing costs. Even more telling might be the driving distance data for average golfers, an area where the USGA and R&A have fairly limited research but remain very keen to understand. The Annual Distance Report contains a history of the average distance golfers have covered over the past few decades, but these figures are based on around 2,000 journeys collected from eight selected clubs in the UK. Meanwhile, a 2020 study of the trips of 26 million Arccos users found that distance from the tee for regular Joes and Janes has decreased slightly in recent years. Still, the primary beneficiary of Arccos sensors will be the committed golfer ready to act on what those personal stats reveal, Syed said.

“This strategic partnership with TaylorMade now offers millions of players the ability to automatically track their shots and use our personalized shot-winning analysis to unlock their true potential,” he said.

Michael C. Ford