Byesville Council is considering legalizing the use of golf carts in the village

Byesville Village Council is considering legalizing the use of golf carts in the village, and members have heard updates on plans in the area.

After discussing the issue at Tuesday’s legislative committee meeting, council members and police chief Daulton Dolan were in favor of allowing golf carts in the village. The village’s legal director, Bill Ferguson, said he would draft an ordinance that council members could vote on before the July 6 meeting.

Village administrator Brennan Dudley said progress was being made on projects in the area, including the two water pipeline projects in the village. The $400,665 South Second Street project is approximately 75% complete. There will be road closures prior to completion, but those dates have not been determined. The $100,000 North Eighth Street project is approximately 95% complete. The road is ready to be redone. The village awaits the arrival of the new cobblestone.

Work on the Greendale Sewer Line Replacement Project is also approximately 95% complete. The road will be resurfaced to repair construction damage.

Dudley expects milling work on village streets to be repaved to begin next week and road resurfacing to be completed in July.

Dolan reported to the council on the department’s situation with calls and equipment.

He said the new body cameras for the officer have arrived. The cameras were purchased with a grant that covered the cost of $2,500.

The officers were all measured for a new body armor, which is designed for a custom fit for each officer. The department received a grant that covers 75% of the cost of approximately $8,000. The police department will pay $1,500.

The department is also purchasing new dash cameras for police cars. The $30,000 radios recently purchased for the department will be ready for use when MARC programming is complete.

The Village Council meets the second and fourth Wednesdays of each month at 5:30 p.m. at the Byesville Village Hall. Board committees meet before meetings at 5:00 p.m.

Michael C. Ford