Car washes busy, golf courses empty as big snowmelt continues

ST. LOUIS – Snowmelt continued on Wednesday thanks to well above normal temperatures. Soggy lawns, streets and parking lots create sloppy conditions. Business is steady at area car washes, such as BriteWorX car wash in Rock Hill as people seek to clear salt and other chemicals used by road crews during last week’s heavy snowfall.

“Started on Friday and went through the weekend, so we’re still looking forward to that. It’s kind of like our Super Bowl,” said Allen Steger, BriteWorx.

These washes are more than cosmetic. AAA warns that all of this de-icing material can lead to rust damage over time. Thorough cleaning of the entire vehicle and undercarriage can prevent corrosion.

“We have our undercarriage flushing system that will take care of that undercarriage issue you are talking about with the salt. And then on the top wrap we have what we call hot wax, which is a nice clear protective layer that helps repel other chemicals,” Stegar said.

So driving to the car wash is a good idea, but it’s a different kind of car they’d like to see at Tamarack Golf Course in Shiloh. They started the week with six to seven inches of snow on the ground.

“Looking at the weather reports, it looked like we were going to have warm days to get some good snowmelt and sunshine. And we had a lot of snowmelt, but not as much as we had hoped,” said Stephen Douty, of the Tamarack Country Club.

When temperatures jump in the winter, the course is usually packed with golfers eager to get in on a few holes. They had hoped to be ready to go on Friday when temps were expected to hit 50 again. They just need the sun to work a little harder for them.

“We need it so…the greens are cleared of snow and there’s no standing water that could freeze overnight,” Douty said.

Michael C. Ford