Championship venue open amongst several flooded areas in Scotland

As Britain heads into the winter period, golf courses are having to contend with tough and adverse conditions. In Scotland, this is already the case, as parts of the country have been subject to severe flooding.

One golf course that has been hit hard is the site of The Open Championship and one of Scotland’s top golf courses, Carnoustie, with images posted by Twitter users showing the horrific conditions!

In a post from a user called @Gillian61572206, you can see fire trucks dealing with flooding as water pours down the famous course. In another post by @RuMacdonald, the 18th hole is barely visible from the tee, with just a bit of fairway green in the picture.

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Carnoustie was not the only area affected by the conditions, with Kingsknowe Golf Club reporting that it received 70mm of rain in 36 hours with the fairways completely submerged.

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Flooding in eastern Scotland has prompted an orange and yellow weather warning to be issued by the Met Office, with flooding leading to school closures, as well as disruption to roads and railways.

In north-east Scotland, some areas have experienced power outages, with Vincent Fitzsimons, flood manager for the Scottish Environment Protection Agency (Sepa), saying: “We’ve already seen nearly ‘a month of rain in parts of this week and we expect much the same on Friday and Saturday in parts of North East Scotland.’

Michael C. Ford