Champkey Golf Swing Trainer Review

Champkey Golf Swing Trainer Review

We’ve all heard these words from a playing partner, or something similar: “Your tempo is off.” Although your friend may not be a teaching professional, chances are he is right. It happens to all of us. Everyone, even the best players in the world, can struggle with rhythm and tempo, which is why you’ll often see them using golf swing training aids on the course.

A good rhythm is the basis of a solid and efficient swing. However, we’ve all been on the course where it feels like the swing is off. Often this is a case of us accelerating too soon from the top of the swing. Simply put, working out with the Champkey Golf Swing Trainer, one of the best golf training aids on Amazon, will really help you get into a good rhythm and get used to the right “feels”.

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How the Champkey Swing Trainer comes out of the box

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As someone who is no stranger to losing a bit of rhythm, I was eager to test this training aid. Like others of its kind, you don’t have to go to the golf course to use it. I was right in the back garden to get a swing set, and you can even use it indoors if you have the room (be careful if you do this).

It uses a high-traction rubber grip, flexible shaft and heavy silica gel head to improve the rhythm of your golf swing and build muscle strength. It takes time to get used to how it feels, but with practice you quickly understand how letting the body lead the descent allows the heavy head to release at just the right time while creating a shift for more power. It is designed for golfers of all skill levels, but I dare say it will really help medium to high handicap players who tend to lose tempo more frequently, especially in pressure situations when the swing often becomes too fast and out of sync.

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For this type of golfer, a slice with the driver is common. Rather than becoming one of the best drivers for trenchers, the Champkey Swing Trainer’s weighted ball means the tree naturally descends in the correct plane when descending, which should reduce the frequency of this destructive form of shooting if you are able to transfer. those sensations in your golf swing.

Many PGA pros will tell you that rhythm can be difficult to teach, but the Champkey Swing Trainer can do a good job creating a smooth rhythm with gradual acceleration. It’s not something that will work overnight – unfortunately, golf isn’t that simple – but over time it should improve your timing and overall swing consistency.

Although the primary purpose of the Champkey Golf Swing Trainer is to help golfers improve their tempo, it can also be used to build strength and flexibility. It’s also something that can be used before you start, to warm up and stretch the muscles. There are other similar training aids on the market. This appears to be a cheaper version of the Orange Whip device used by many Tour players (we’re talking £40 vs £100, or so). I’m definitely not going to put this in the back of the garage. It is a training aid that I intend to continue to use.

Michael C. Ford