City Council reviews equipment deals at Stonetree Golf Club | Local News

Killeen City Council is considering two equipment rental deals for Stonetree Golf Club at a combined cost of $540,000.

Joe Brown, executive director of Recreation Services in Killeen, submitted a proposal from Deere Credit, Inc. for seven mowers costing $345,430, and another proposal from EZ-Cart for 75 new golf carts costing $193 $410.

In Tuesday’s council workshop, Brown presented the facts following a request for quotations from three companies who could supply the mowing equipment. In his presentation, Brown listed the type and rental costs of the equipment, which included the monthly payment of $5,757.17 for a 60-month period. The city’s deal with Professional Turf Products LP for four mowers expired in July 2021. Since then, Brown said they have been leasing equipment with a monthly cost.

In January, Brown approached the council with a proposal to replace the equipment by leasing mowers from Deere Credit, Inc. at a cost of $376,513.60.

The Board did not approve the proposal and, in turn, requested that it be amended to include monthly equipment rental fees.

Brown was also tasked with asking the city to get quotes for the amount of a monthly rental for the mowers the golf course would need to get through the season until the new equipment was received, which will take about 10 months.

“Due to the high utilization of this specialized equipment and the specific industry standard accuracy for course conditions, they are subject to maintenance issues at a higher frequency than typical mowing equipment,” Brown said.

The other proposal concerns the replacement of the golf cart park at Stonetree. Currently, 65 carts are in use but are rapidly deteriorating, according to Brown. The new agreement would lease 75 carts from EZ-Cart, a division of Textron, Inc. for $193,410, reducing the monthly cost from $3,780 to $3,223 for 10 additional carts.

“Golf cart rentals generate over $300,000 a year,” Brown said.

Delivery of new carts will be immediate, as Brown said EZ-Go has them in inventory.

The city council is expected to vote on both proposals at Tuesday’s regular meeting.

Council asked for monthly mower rental costs at its Jan. 11 meeting when a rental agreement for new mowers was presented for a total cost of $376,513. In a follow-up interview with Brown, he was asked why the town of Killeen would pay for the mowers, when in fact the town is paying another entity to run the golf course.

“The management company uses money from the town of Killeen to run the course. All capital equipment and leases go through the City in terms of procurement. The course is still owned by the city and if the management company leaves or moves, then the city would take over said operation,” Brown said. He added that the lease will be in the name of the town because if the management company decides to leave Killeen, despite the purchase of mowers and golf carts, it will pose a major problem for the town and the Stonetree Golf Club.

Billy Casper Golf took over management of the club in May 2019. The board voted in March 2019, 6 to 1, in favor of a five-year, $90,000 per year contract with Billy Casper.

Michael C. Ford