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Published on April 23, 2022 at 2:46 p.m.


Rob Hayes retained his Open Singles Championship when members of the Barry Memorial Croquet Club completed their Golf Croquet Club Championships.

And the man who came closest to knocking him off his perch was John Wilson – his partner in the doubles championship, which they won by winning all of their matches.

They faced four other pairs, three of which finished with two wins.

Pairs with two wins had to be separated by a countdown, which revealed that Per and Ina Elzen were runners-up.

Six players have played in the Open Club Singles Championship. Defending champion Hayes was shaken when second seed Wilson beat him 7-4 in the third round.

Wilson continued to win until the final round, when Ross Thomson beat him 7-6.

This meant that Wilson and Hayes had only one loss each, but Hayes won on the countdown and was declared club champion for 2022.

Six players contested the intermediate singles and many matches were won by just one or two hoops.

At the end of the day, George Ebbett and Maurice Allan each had four wins and one loss, but Allan was declared the winner on the countdown. He had a differential of plus nine with Ebbett’s plus four.

Fay Mitchell, who only started playing the game this year, played good quality croquet all day against more experienced players and won two games. She was named MVP (most valuable player) of the day.

Per and Ina Elzen participated in the Pakuranga Married Couples and Longtime Partners Tournament. They lost their first match, won the next three, but then lost the last 7-6. If they had won the last game, they would have won the division. Instead, they finished second.

Gisborne players participated in the Whakatane Level Doubles tournament. Wilson and Hayes, playing in Block A, finished tied with three other pairs. They all had three wins. The Gisborne pair won the division by having the best differential.

Among the other couples were Dave and Chris Newton, former Barry members now living in Matamata.

Christine McCullough of Gisborne teamed up with Heather Aitken of Matamata to play in block B, consisting of six pairs. They did well to finish second.

In singles of the same tournament, Hayes finished second to Dave Newton in Block A, winning three of his five matches.

In Block C, McCullough finished in third place with three wins and two losses.

• The club is now heading into the winter part of the playing season and encourages anyone interested in trying the game to come to the club day on Friday and Sunday afternoons from 12.45pm. Full instruction is provided and all materials are provided.

Champs: John Wilson (left) and Rob Hayes won the Barry Memorial Croquet Club Golf Croquet Doubles Championship. Hayes won the Open Singles Championship and Wilson was runner-up. At the Whakatane Level Doubles tournament, they won block A. Photos provided

Countdown Required: Maurice Allan (left) and George Ebbett each had four wins and one loss at the Barry Memorial Croquet Club Intermediate Golf Croquet Singles Championship. Allan won on the countdown.

Finalists: Christine McCullough of Gisborne (left) paired with Heather Aitken of Matamata for the Whakatane Level Doubles tournament. They were vice-champions of their section.

Touring Players: Ina (left) and Per Elzen were finalists in the Barry Memorial Croquet Club Golf Croquet Doubles Championship and finalists in the Pakuranga Married Couples and Long-term Partners Tournament.

Michael C. Ford