County Funds Additional Repairs to North Olds Golf Courses Subdivision

Large breakdowns appeared in front of many driveways and the road was generally not in good condition as of 2019

MOUNTAIN VIEW COUNTY – County Council approved the expenditure of $177,950 to fund additional repair costs for the North Olds Golf Courses subdivision road project.

The approval came by way of motion at a recent regular meeting of Mountain View County Council.

In a briefing note to council, operational services manager Ryan Morrison said large breakdowns were appearing in front of many driveways and the road was generally in poor condition as of 2019.

“Crews hauled in our pothole patch mix and filled in the holes,” he said. “The condition of the road has continued to deteriorate, and it has been decided that more work is required than can be done under the subdivision rechipping program due to the size and extent of the Work to be done.”

Operations met with Richardson Brothers on site and prepared a work plan for budget approval, he said.

“The plan is to dig out all the failing sections of the road, bring in new material and then rebuild the road,” he said. “One-way traffic will be maintained at all times and all signage and flaggers, if required, will be provided by the contractor.”

Michael C. Ford