Coushatta hosts the Notah Begay III National Junior Golf Championship

LR: President Jonathan Cernek; Tiger Woods; and Notah Begay III as Woods is presented with a handwoven pine needle basket from the tribe.

KINDER, LA – Koasati Pines in Coushatta hosted the 3rd Annual Notah Begay III National Junior Golf Championship, featuring the nation’s top junior golfers competing for top honors in their respective class. This year’s tournament has grown into two separate tournaments: junior girls played Nov. 3-5 and junior boys played Nov. 7-9. Tournaments will be broadcast golf chain: the girls’ tournament will be broadcast on December 7 and the boys’ tournament will be broadcast on December 8.

“It was inspiring to watch Tiger Woods take on his role as Charlie’s proud father during his visit to the Coushatta Tribe,” said Coushatta Tribe President Jonathan Cernek. “The importance of family and the strength of the bond between father and son was felt throughout the three-day tournament.”

The Notah Begay III National Junior Golf Championship also provided Cernek the opportunity to present Tiger Woods with a handwoven pine needle cultural basket from his tribe. Woods thanked Cernek for the artifact as they discussed the love and dedication that goes into manual labor, as well as the basket’s similarities to the work of other tribes across the country.

“It was a surreal moment to know that I was meeting and having a conversation with the greatest golfer in the world,” Cernek said. “There was a level of reverence that is hard to express after watching Tiger dominate the world of golf for his entire career. As parents, we place great importance on teaching our children the valuable tools they need to grow into adults. That’s when I saw Tiger Woods as a father doing the exact same thing for his son. The inclusion of family, mentorship and competition with one of the greatest athletes of all time made for an exciting week for the Coushatta Tribe of Louisiana.

The Notah Begay III National Junior Golf Championship is in its third year and aims to grow the game of golf by providing a platform for players to compete against the best juniors in the country in a true open qualifying series. The national championship, hosted at Koasati Pines at the Coushatta Casino Resort, will be televised on golf chain prime time that will air over two hours of broadcast time, which has never been done before. These players will have a chance to be recognized on a platform like no other, increasing the chances of getting noticed by college coaches across the country.

The Notah Begay III National Junior Golf Championship is open to boys and girls between the ages of 10 and 18 who compete in one of the age categories: Boys 16-18; boys 14-15 years old; boys 12-13, boys 10-11; girls 16-18 years old; girls 14-15 years old; girls 12-13 and girls 10-11.

Michael C. Ford