Direction Changing Disc Golf Shop


TWIN FALLS – Disc golf gained a loyal following in 2008, so much so that he developed a business around the sport.

That year, Mike Stradley of Twin Falls tried out the newly completed College of Southern Idaho disc golf course for the first time.

“I was hooked,” Stradley said of the sport of throwing Frisbee-like discs at chain-link baskets.

From then on, he sold disc golf equipment in places ranging from his van to a friend’s coffee shop. In 2012, he opened his store, Disc Golf DC – “DC” is short for distribution center – on Falls Avenue.

The store will close at the end of this month, a victim of COVID supply chain issues and rising rents. And Stradley will begin another chapter of his business career working for ToyTown, helping to run a hobby store on the second floor. Not only will there be disc golf supplies, but also remote control cars, planes and model rockets.

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He hopes the business will be running by Black Friday.

In the meantime, Stradley is selling its store’s inventory at a discount.

Stradley is one of many outdoor enthusiasts championing disc golf, and it’s one of the fastest growing sports in the country. Disc golf associations have grown tremendously, he said.

“Anyone can do it, regardless of age, regardless of skill level,” he said. And you don’t need to schedule a tee time or pay game fees.

“You can grab a $10 disc and have fun all day,” Stradley said.

And Stradley said dedicated players don’t hang up their drives in the winter.

“The diehards will be there all year round,” he said.

A recent disc golf enthusiast posted on social media that he enjoyed a trip to the Rock Creek Park disc golf course, but warned of the creek laying the potential to “consume a disc or two”.

Craig Quintana, spokesman for Idaho Parks and Recreation, noted the popularity of disc golf during a presentation Wednesday at the Idaho Recreation and Tourism Conference in Twin Falls.

In a survey of 1,000 Idahoans, 22% of Region 4 residents said they wanted access to a disc golf course in their area.

Michael C. Ford