Eddie Pepperell on LIV Golf Players: ‘I’m a little exasperated why…’

LIV Golf is a topic that will for a long time be the main topic in the world of golf. There are a lot of criticisms, few praises, but whatever it is, the leaders of LIV Golf do not give up and have the ambition to become number 1!

We’ll see if it works, but we know money can play a big part. Speaking to Drop Zone Podcast co-host Dylan Dethier, Eddie Pepperell talked about LIV Golf. He thinks what they are doing is wrong and that PGA and DP will suffer the greatest consequences. “It’s like trying to slowly kill the PGA Tour and DP World Tour with a thousand paper cuts,” said he said, as quoted by golf.com Many players have decided to play LIV Golf, even with the consequences of being banned from everyone.

Their motives and intentions are clear, and some have even openly admitted it. “A lot of guys clearly played a relatively smart negotiation tactic,” Pepperell said.

Money and young players

This conversation couldn’t pass without mentioning Phil Mickelson.

Pepperell pointed out that some players have lost a lot of money in their careers and this is a perfect opportunity for them to make some extra profit. “Some of them obviously had life experiences that meant they lost money along the way,” he said.

There are also many young players who have chosen LIV Golf and a new career challenge. Pepperell seems particularly shocked by this fact. Older players aren’t such a big deal, but Pepperell and the majority ask the question: Why do golfers in their prime choose such a challenge? “I’m a little exasperated that someone under 35 is going there,” he said. An interesting story and an interesting subject. LIV Golf could conquer the world of golf.

Michael C. Ford