FootJoy Tour Alpha Double BOA Shoe Review

FootJoy Tour Alpha Double BOA Shoe Review

Watch Joel Tadman test this unique FootJoy shoe on the course

Golf shoes don’t get much more innovative than the new Tour Alpha Double BOA. It shares many features of the Tour Alpha lace-up shoe, but with the addition of a new Wrapid 2.0 fit system that features two BOA dials, one on the heel and one on the side.

The principle of this is to alleviate significant pressure on the top of the golfer’s foot and improve the golfer’s fit. In turn, this should help the golfer feel even more connected to the ground – FJ’s own testing has shown this shoe to provide more energy efficiency and torsional support than the Tour X shoe. We’ve already seen two BOA dials on a golf shoe on the Adidas Tour360 XT Twin BOA shoe but not in this configuration, so in reality what is the user experience like?

footjoy tour alpha double boa shoe top view

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We took a pair to the West Hill course to test and the first thing that strikes you visually is that there’s a lot going on. It looks like a golf shoe thrown back from the future and when you combine the dials, flaps and outsole lugs that appear when you look down, some will find this shoe too over-engineered for their eyes.

In the same size as the lace-up version, the Double BOA seems to be a bit larger, so you might consider going half a size down. The rear BOA dial tightens the top flap while the side dials tighten the bottom strap. Interestingly, the side dial rotates back and forth to adjust the tension, which is a nice touch although you shouldn’t need to use it much during the ride.

When fully strapped on, the feeling of even pressure on the foot is immediately evident. You don’t get that pinching sensation on the top of the foot that you sometimes get with the laces and as a result the comfort levels are through the roof – cleverly aided by the thicker FitBed Ortholite Impressions.

footjoy tour alpha double boa shoe dial

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Take your first swing and that more comfortable feel results in a solid connection to the ground that lets you swing with power and confidence, aided by the excellent grip of the nine-studded outsole.

Weight transfer during the swing seemed to happen with more control and support, which helped our timing and overall consistency. The last thing you want is a shoe that feels like it might move under you when you leave after a workout – these shoes keep your feet planted while allowing you to use the ground effectively to generate energy. speed.

footjoy tour alpha double boa shoe action

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Walking comfort wasn’t sacrificed either – at no point did these shoes feel like hard work and while they weren’t particularly light, they didn’t feel bulky either.

The target market for a golf shoe like this, at over £200 RRP, will be relatively small, but for golfers who struggle to get the perfect fit in their golf shoes, the Double BOA system just might provide the solution. That aside, any golfer looking for the best performance golf shoes will appreciate what the Tour Alpha Double BOA has to offer.

Michael C. Ford