Former PGA Tour champion blasts LIV Golf’s ‘disgusting’ players

Ken Green isn’t exactly the kind of golfer who tends to fight for the PGA Tour. The five-time tour winner and 1989 Ryder Cup entrant has battled tour bosses for years. However, when it comes to golfers who are off to take the cash with the Saudi-backed LIV Golf series, he doesn’t mince words.

The West Palm Beach resident hasn’t played much golf since losing his right leg in an RV accident in 2009, but he recently spoke with The Palm Beach Post about those who left the PGA Tour for LIV Golf and found their decision ‘disgusting’.

“How much money do these guys need?” said Green. “Fifty to 150 million, isn’t that enough? I have no problem with young children taking the money. But those big names who took the money and walked away from touring? It’s disgusting.

“I would never have taken the money, and you know I disagree with the [PGA Tour] on many things.

Green hasn’t always praised Tiger Woods, but he has applauded the golfing superstar for turning down LIV’s massive offer. If he hadn’t, Green believes the PGA Tour would be in big trouble.

“Even though I beat Tiger over the years, he might have saved the tour,” Green said. “If Tiger walks, a lot of people will follow him. He gets a lot of credit for that.

Regardless of whether or not a LIV Golf player wins the British Open this weekend, and whatever happens after that, expect the war of words between people on both sides to continue in the days and months to come.

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Michael C. Ford