Golf Business News – Ventrac machines do the trick at True Fit

The Fiddlers Ferry golf course at the True Fit Golf Center in Cheshire benefits from much improved playing surfaces following the recent purchase of two Ventrac off-road compact tractors and a selection of accessories.

The maintenance team previously used an eclectic mix of mowing equipment before engineer Mark Overton decided there had to be a more cost-effective way to run the 5,500-yard, 18-hole course.

“I followed Ventrac on YouTube long before I decided to have a demo because it appealed to my engineering instincts,” Overton said. “I liked that you had a single power pack and multiple attachments to do a variety of jobs on the course. We bought our first unit in 2020 and it quickly became apparent that we needed it. “another. We were considering buying a new fairway mower from a big brand, but for the purchase price of £80,000 we can have a Ventrac with a selection of attachments that do more than a simple task. It just made business sense.

All equipment was purchased through their local dealer, Cheshire Turf Machinery.

Ian Millington, the main machine operator, added: “We have both tractors and have added more attachments over time, so we now have a Contour deck, which we have set to 35mm for the semis. rough and triple roller mowers, which is set at 14mm for fairways. This unit cuts as well as, if not better than, some of the major brands. The Tough Cut Bridge is used on overgrown areas and the Trencher is used to create drainage strips as we are located very close to the River Mersey and it can be wet at times.

“Our final accessory is the Power Rake which we use to re-establish gravel driveways or prepare new areas when we need to break up ground. It really added to the overall presentation and playability of the course; even golfers made favorable comments.

Overton added: “We are a paid course with many regulars using our season pass, creating a feeling of membership. All greens and tees have been built to USGA specifications and have been designed to suit all levels of golfer from beginner to regular enthusiast. We’re not a long course by any reckoning, but the Ventrac is the perfect solution for cost-effective course maintenance.

“Covering over 120 acres, the course has lots of water features and can get quite wet due to our proximity to the river, as Ian mentioned earlier. Now with the trencher we have the flexibility to install drainage when we want and not be dependent on contractors. And we can get the machine out when it’s wet thanks to its incredibly low ground pressure. It’s sturdy, very well built and, as we’ve proven, it’s not just a machine for high-end clubs. Yes, we really like it.

Michael C. Ford