Golf courses take steps to cool grounds during extreme heat

With triple-digit highs returning, local golf courses and golfers themselves are battling the heat.

The high heat forces courses like Lafortune to work tirelessly to give areas like greens, fairways and tee boxes the necessary amounts of water.

Course officials said at most they had to use more than 100,000 gallons of water overnight to keep all 36 holes cool.

“We’re easily in that $30-50,000 a month range for a month like we just did,” Lafortune golf manager Patrick McCrate said.

McCrate said they are doing their best to maintain the course year-round, especially since they have seen a huge increase in the number of people playing golf during the pandemic.

What he said is a good problem to have.

“That was an even bigger boost for me than when Tiger Woods burst onto the scene,” McCrate said.

As for golfers, the way they stay cool is like grass.

“It’s just several bottles of water,” said golfer John Stuart. “I probably drank four bottles of water today. I bring water and I bring water with me, and I fill it with ice and let it melt.”

Some golfers also said they try to prepare for the round even before tee time.

“If you train and stay in shape and things like that, it helps you a lot,” said golfer Landon Miller.

For those playing in this heat, it’s important to eat something before playing, find shade every time you play, and drink plenty of water throughout the game to stay cool.

Michael C. Ford