Golf courses unaffected by strict drought restrictions

Since the city’s golf courses use treated wastewater, drought restrictions are not in play.

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — While drought restrictions limit the amount of water Corpus Christi residents are allowed to use, golf courses around the city have not been affected by the mandate.

At the Oso Beach Golf Course, treated wastewater flows into course ponds. The water comes from the Oso water reclamation plant located next to the golf course. The water is used to irrigate the golf course and is a drought resistant water source to keep the grass green.

“We are able to reuse it and use it for this wonderful course that we have here that I love to play and it is something that is very beneficial for our city and our Corpus Christians,” said Robert Dodd, director of the city’s parks and recreation department.

Effluents are liquid wastes that have been treated. It cannot be used as drinking water, but it is safe to use for irrigation at the Lozano Golf Course, which draws its water from the Greenwood Wastewater Treatment Plant. Without this source of water, drought restrictions would be difficult to overcome.

“Our golf courses would certainly suffer no matter what plan we came up with,” Dodd said. “That we don’t have to worry about that, we have a plan in place that’s going to take care of us.”

Since the city’s golf courses use treated water, drought restrictions are not in play.

“One thing about being close to the sewer system is they get that water and if we didn’t have water, that golf course would burn,” said golfer Tom Addkison.

So, with the locations of the Oso Water Reclamation Plant and the Greenwood Treatment Plant, these local golf courses will continue to be beautiful for golfers despite the summer heat.

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