Golf headquarters build clubs for players as if they were on tour

Finding the right set of golf clubs has gone high tech.

Jarrod Lawrence, owner of Golf’s head office, recalls about 25 years ago when fitters would watch someone hit a group of innings on the driving range, and determine the best by pure visual analysis.

Nowadays, the golf headquarters, located at the Colonnade in Polo Park, has two golf simulators that measure everything when a golfer swings the club and connects with the ball, such as ball speed, launch angle, backspin, side spin, carry and total distance.

Not to be too scientific, but the whole process centers around finding a driver and set of irons that match a golfer’s particular swing.

“A lot of people who try out places have to change everything they do to make this club work for them,” Lawrence said. “It’s not appropriate. Adjusting is all about taking the player and what they’re doing and adapting the tool so they can swing it more consistently, every time. That’s what these machines allow us to do is to really look at those variables and as we give you different weights or different heads we can see how the path changes or doesn’t change. This is how we know we are developing consistency with your move. You are able to do it your way with more consistency.

The whole goal is to make the sport more fun and enjoyable with equipment compatible with your swing. They make customs for every club in the bag, built from the bottom up in-house instead of ordering from the factory.

“I want people to love the game and have fun playing it,” Lawrence said.

Lawrence says the Golf HQ has had PGA Tour pros, Korn Ferry Tour pros and top colleagues for fittings, but says his company is focused on giving the average golfer the thrill and experience to get bespoke clubs that a tour pro would get. .

“We’re giving the people of Midland the opportunity to have clubs built like they’re a tour pro,” Lawrence said. “It’s basically an opportunity to get clubs from a tour van and people are paying a lot of money for it online. If you have a club from the tour van its triple value, don’t right? We give them the opportunity to get it here for about the same price they pay anyway. I think that’s pretty cool. It really gives them more mass to hit the ball “It gives them a technological edge. Not only is the fitting part cool, but the results of the fitting and how precisely we can get it.”

A fitting session in the golf simulator costs $150, but is reduced to $75 if the golfer chooses to purchase clubs.

The golf headquarters is also offering a $100 adjustment for its Edel putter system.

Reservations for fittings can be made by calling (432) 686-7367.

In addition to fittings, Golf Headquarters also offers private lessons on the simulators from 8 a.m. to 9 a.m. and after 6 p.m.

“We’ll even help you with the technique,” Lawrence said. “If you’re a rookie player who doesn’t know much, no worries. We get in there and help those players as well.

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Michael C. Ford