Golf World Top 100: Best Golf Courses in Spain

What are the best golf courses in Spain? The Golf World Top 100 ranking reveals all…

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Welcome to our first ranking of the best courses and resorts in Spain, which we are sure will help you make informed choices the next time you consider a golf holiday there.

Son Muntaner

Given that Spain is the most popular destination for holidays with British golfers, there will be plenty of names you will know on this list. But we also anticipate that there will be plenty of new ones as well, and some occupy very different positions than you might imagine.

This ranking busts many myths and dismantles much of the perceived wisdom about Spanish golf – it’s far from being a summary of what you’ve heard and read previously.

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There are clusters of courses in every corner of Spain – Galicia, Costa Brava, Madrid, Valencia and of course all along the Andalucian coast – so there’s plenty to enjoy choosing a region that attracted. This is the second ranking under the Golf World banner and we hope it highlights just how comprehensive and insightful our Top 100 will be.


How We Ranked The Best Golf Courses In Spain

This list was, as always, decided by a panel – this time, in addition to our usual continental contributors, we also relied on the advice of industry experts with specialist knowledge of Spain. We recognize that some had ties to the courses and resorts on the list, but they were not allowed to affect the positions of those with whom they had ties. There are 100 points awarded, with each course being scored according to this criteria…

Design (40 points): The key category, divided into three sub-sections: Does the course make the most of its landscape (20); green complexes (10); routing (10).

Adjustment (15 stitches): The aesthetic value of the surrounding views and of the course itself. And the general “vibe” of the course – not the club.

Memorability (15 points): Is it easy to recall holes? Are they distinctive, varied and interesting. Are they strategic and heroic?

Playability (10 points): Is it just too hard, maybe even unfair, for the majority? Or can it be enjoyed by all?

Consistency (10 points): Does each hole offer all of the above, or is it abandoned by a poor few?

Presentation (10 points): Two aspects: is he comfortable with his environment; more, conditioning. A relatively low number of ratings because the conditioning is so variable – but this category rewards particularly flawless courses and alerts you to the sloppiest and most raw sites.

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Childhood lessons of Seve Ballesteros, Pedrena.

Please give us feedback where you think we are right and, more likely, where you think we were wrong. We would love to hear from you by email, on Twitter, Facebook Where instagram.

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Chris Bertram, world of golf Top 100 publishers

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Can I join the world of golf Top 100 panel?

Yes! If you know of many resorts and courses, we would love to hear from you. Whether you are male, female, young, old, low handicapped, high handicapped, if you have traveled a lot, contact us, here.


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