Greg Norman’s letter to LIV Golf players regarding OWGR offer leaked

Greg Norman reportedly wrote a letter to players at the LIV Golf Invitational Series, suggesting it would be “wrong” if the series did not gain accreditation by the Official World Golf Rankings.

Norman, 67, has previously confirmed that LIV Golf submitted their bid to OWGR ahead of the 150th Open Championship at St Andrews.

The Australian, who was banned from attending the former champions’ dinner ahead of the historic major, has said in media interviews that earning world ranking points is key to LIV’s future viability.

It’s also clear that this is a pretty big hurdle for LIV Golf. Those responsible for the move aren’t exactly thrilled with the impact the controversial series has had so far if reports that the majors are conspiring against the fledgling circuit are to be believed.

Norman’s letter to LIV players was obtained by ESPN. He described what the scenario would be like if their request was denied.

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Norman wrote:

“Without the inclusion of LIV, the integrity and accuracy of the rankings themselves are severely compromised. The proportion of top players globally participating in the LIV series means that, despite smaller fields than some events existing touring venues and those that took place in front of the LIV Invitational events, the [strength of field] remains highly competitive and among the best in the industry.”

“These moves are important not only because of their effect on players’ personal endorsements and playing opportunities, but also for the accuracy and credibility of the OWGR itself.

“Not including player performances against these industry leaders [LIV] fields, OWGRs are now imprecise. If this continues much longer, the rankings will become even more inaccurate and marginalized, with many LIV Golf players having lower rankings than they are rightfully entitled to, as well as non-LIV Golf players enjoying falsely enhanced rankings.

“Put simply, it will be impossible to consider OWGR ratings accurate or even relevant if OWGR persists in omitting 48 of the world’s best golfers.”

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