Hallsville student brings better putting game to state golf championship

HALLSVILLE, Texas (KLTV) — Kenley Pessel is returning to state championship golf and hoping for success.

Kenley Pessel is bound for Austin. The Hallsville junior is working on her game but admits: “I’m nervous, I think once I get there my nerves will settle down in the state.”

Pessel returns to state gaining competitive experience a season ago, she says ‘the only thing I can really draw from is my putting game, it wasn’t, it wasn’t there where it should have been last year, and my nerves also impacted that”.

The Hallsville student-athlete has been golfing since three-time major winner Jordan Spieth watched her.

Her putting game has been worked on and she says it has made a difference. “It’s really improved this year mainly, I really, that was there freshman year, you know, I was shooting 70s, but this year it’s really getting to where it should be. Now, I am finally developing my golf game both mentally and physically in the sport”.

There’s always the issue of pressure on the big stage, Pessel says “how I play on the course affects that, so I just have to realize that the pressure has to be used wisely.”

Hallsville golf coach Scott Mitchell said she asked, “Coach, wouldn’t it be embarrassing if I went there as a sophomore and didn’t go back as a junior?” And I said that’s not the goal, your goal is to take one shot at a time and let it take care of itself. That’s what we’re really working on is her mental side of the game. She’s got a lot of physical tools, she’s got amazing physical tools and we’re just working on the mental side of the game for her, to fight , you ‘I’m not going to land a good shot every time’.

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