Harold Varner Says ‘I Hate Being Hated’ During LIV Golf Press Conference

Bubba Watson answers questions from the media before the LIV Golf Invitational Boston 2022 at The Oaks Golf Course at The International in Bolton, Massachusetts. (Photo: Chris Trotman/LIV Golf via Getty Images)

“We’re working on that and hopefully my schedule would be mid-October to hit some balls. I have my wedge and my putter here today, or this week, so I’m going to have fun with some of my teammates.

“And doing the captaincy, the captaincy is a dream come true. Obviously I’d rather play, but you know, I can’t really, there’s also an individual tournament going on. I think you all know how it works, there is an individual and a team.

“So I can’t really like…this putt does that, because there’s a real tournament going on. So it’s not like a Ryder Cup or a Presidents Cup. So I can’t give advice but I can encourage them.

Later in the press conference, Watson talked more about the team concept.

“If you think about high school golf, you’re a team. College golf, you are a team. The only one that didn’t was professional golf. Now that LIV Golf has brought it to the table, it’s a team vibe. And if you play badly, if you have a terrible round, shoot 80s or shoot 75s, whatever it is, the next day you come back. You come back and you shoot 67, it could help you get on the podium or win as a team. It’s the coolest atmosphere I’ve ever been associated with.

Michael C. Ford