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I feel bad for professional golfers.

Listening to testimonials from the guys joining the LIV Tour feels like we need to create a Go Fund Me page to help these poor souls.

“You want us to play four rounds of golf and not just three to make money?”

Absurd. These slave lords with the PGA Tour have a cut, so if we don’t play well, we can’t win $40,000 for last place. There has to be an easier way – and poof.

The great white shark, Greg Norman, and his slush fund (Saudi friends) arrive just in time to save these gentlemen from having to Ebay one of their private jets.

Free five-star hotels, millions of dollars in appearance fees, free gear, giant sponsorship offers for tiny patches on their $300 golf shirts, just not enough.

My former employer was paying Jim Furyk $3 million a year to wear the company logo on his shirt for half a season.

Don’t get me wrong: I love golf, but I laugh a little when I hear Jim Nantz nervously announcing how many millions are at stake if someone drops a 5-footer on the last hole of the Memphis Open.

Pressure, as Lee Trevino once said, is making a $100 bet with a five point in your pocket.

What nobody talks about is the TV side of all that PGA vs. LIV stuff. All the major networks have PGA Tour contracts, but eventually someone will flash with millions on the line to broadcast one of these LIV events, as more and more big names decide to take the easy route.

You know Jeff Bezos is probably on speed dial for a streaming deal if that hasn’t happened already or maybe a rogue channel will kick off.

Can I go back and watch the Little League team from Hollidaysburg again?

Jeff Bartlet


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