How This Gym Diet Transformed Matt Fitzpatrick’s Game

It is now well documented that Matt Fitzpatrick added distance to his prodigious accuracy. But how did he do it? It’s not enough to go to the gym and lift weights.

In the article below, the Englishman’s strength and conditioning coach, Matt Roberts, shares some of the secrets behind the winnings that helped him become one of the best drivers in the game, as well as a few things to look out for if you’re looking to undergo a similar transformation…

Matt made huge progress before Covid hit but was then stuck in England without a gym. He is quite lean by nature and he can lose weight and muscle quite quickly. However, in January this year, he didn’t play any tournaments, which allowed us to have a good “pre-season” of indoor loading.

He is now at the point where he can train hard. For example, at the Scottish Open, we were able to do an upper body session after his run. It was hard, but we were adjusting the volume so instead of five sets, we were doing two or three.

We divide the gym sessions: leg session one day, upper body the next; then we do some basic golf exercises for recovery. Off weekdays, he will train five days a week, normally taking the weekend off. Tournament weeks it’s usually core recovery on Monday, upper body on Tuesday, legs on Wednesday, and then depending on the start times we’d probably do another leg session – and there likes to do holding drills with a soccer ball between sets!

You can get strong in the gym, but that won’t necessarily transfer to class. This is where The Stack helped. It is basically a shaft with adjustable weights.

In 2018, his club speed was 108 mph. The target is 120 mph, but there are some limiting factors. Matt isn’t built like Dustin Johnson so we have to be careful not to keep pushing and pushing or something could happen.

For the first 12 months of use, because we were just coming out of Covid, I had to give Matt a lot of care on his neck, and it was affecting his iron game as well. This meant Mike had to step in technically and fix a few issues. We need to make sure the gym metrics match The Stack loading, as they need to work in sync.

Michael C. Ford