How to make golf courses climate proof

On the eve of COP 27, the United Nations Climate Change Conference, Syngenta Golf is today releasing a new article on solutions to help golf courses be more climate resilient: How to make golf courses more sustainable and climate resilient.

Brautarholt Golf Club, Reykjavik, part of the ‘Carbon Par’ project in Iceland

Edwin Roald, Eureka Golf

Summer 2022 was the hottest on record in Europe and China and the second hottest in North America and Asia.

In a year of climatic extremes, other regions have suffered devastating floods and the growing threat of rising sea levels.

How have golf courses fared globally? And how are golf businesses responding to the long-term challenges of climate change?

Syngenta Golf’s new feature dives into golf, sustainability and climate resilience to examine global solutions and case studies, including:

  • Drought resistant grass used on golf courses
  • Water conservation, diversion and filtration
  • Community action to combat sea level rise
  • The measurement of carbon sequestration to define the ‘Carbon Par’ of an individual course

Mark Birchmore, Syngenta’s Global Head of Marketing, Turf and Landscape, who commissioned the report, said: “Climate change poses fundamental challenges to golf, both in terms of producing the playing conditions demanded by the customers in order to have a sustainable activity, and also to adapt. change both the environment and the expectations of society.

“Our work with golf course superintendents and greenkeepers around the world gives us a unique perspective on this challenge, while recognizing that innovation can come from a wide range of sources both inside and outside. outside the industry.

“This feature looks at challenges and solutions, to help all golf course businesses think through how they are responding to and planning for climate change.”

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How to make golf courses more sustainable and climate resilient

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