IZZO Ultra-Lite Cart Bag Review

Sometimes simplicity is best, that’s how we’ll describe the IZZO Ultra-Lite Cart Bag. He doesn’t try to be everything for all golfers. It’s not a hybrid; it is simply designed to be used with a cart, whether it is a motorized cart or a push cart (trolley). This is its best use.

But the bonus with the IZZO Ultra-Lite is that unlike most cart bags, this one, as the name suggests, is exceptionally lightweight. In fact, at 3.8 pounds, it weighs less than many carry bags and certainly lighter than most hybrid bags. Of course, with all the storage space it has, it can get quite heavy if you fill the bag’s six large pockets. But this is the case with most golf bags. Put on two dozen golf balls, say, along with a big bottle of sunscreen, a range finder, extra towels, and a bunch of outerwear, and it’ll be a little harder to get in and out of the trunk of your car . But if you don’t overload this bag, it’s easier to carry than most cart bags. And even if you want to fill this bag, well, you don’t carry it, so knock yourself out; there is plenty of room in this IZZO bag.

The IZZO Ultra-Lite Cart Bag works well on a push cart.

(Image credit: Mike Bailey)

We have to mention here, however, that it is not impossible to use this IZZO cart bag as a carry bag. In fact, you have a caddy doing a double bagging (yours and another player’s), he might prefer the single strap. But for golfers who wear their own, there are far better choices.

What sets the IZZO Ultra-Lite apart is the combination of three factors: lightness, plenty of storage space and price. The pockets are all big. A large valuables pocket provides enough room for keys, wallet and anything else you want to protect. The large side pocket offers enough space for a jacket, sweater, vest and full rain gear. The ball pocket is so large that even golfers who lose a ball or more on each hole can carry enough ammo to get through the round.

There is another large pocket on the other side of the bag. The small pocket above the bullet pocket doesn’t have a magnetic closure, which we like for rangefinders because of its easy access (especially important if you’re walking). But for around $150 retail, you can’t expect a lot of bells and whistles.

The IZZO Ultra-Lite cart bag works great on a motorized cart.

(Image credit: Mike Bailey)

It also has a 14-way splitter, which means each club has its own space. It’s a feature you see on a lot of cart bags, and it’s definitely a personal preference. For me, it takes a bit longer to find each individual location over the course of a round, so it can be a bit cumbersome. But clubs go in and out easier when each has its own slot.

There’s also no chunky towel clip or velcro for golf gloves. It’s a no-frills bag, but it has pretty much everything you need at a fair price.

The IZZO Ultra-Lite cart bag has a large pocket for valuables.

(Image credit: Mike Bailey)

Best of all, the IZZO Ultra-Lite sits just fine on a push cart or motorized cart, which is what it was designed for. And the fact that the strap sits behind the bag means that whether you’re riding or using a push cart, the strap is never in the way and you always have easy access to the pockets. And as cheap as it is, if your everyday bag is a stand-up bag for carrying, this is a very affordable second bag just for carts.

Michael C. Ford