Jules Verne-inspired mini-golf courses are coming to Walkabout

The developers of Walkabout are building miniature golf courses inspired by the pioneering works of science fiction by Jules Verne.

Twenty Thousand Leagues Under The Sea will launch in September on Quest and Steam, followed in 2023 by Journey to the center of the Earth and around the world in eighty days. Mighty Coconut Developer Announcement comes shortly after the developer launched its first licensed course inspired by the classic 1980s movie Labyrinth. Just last week, the studio dropped a first look at its upcoming Myst course inspired by Cyan’s historic 1993 game.

In the Labyrinth course, each hole is inspired by a different key scene from the film while the tweet in the video embedded below shows how the memorable Myst Island clock tower puzzle is reimagined as mini golf. Mighty Coconut also has a series of paid downloadable courses inspired by ‘lost cities’, and when it comes to the largely adapted works of Jules Verne, we’re very curious to see how the company’s VR designers are able to bring these stories to life. classics like mini-golf theme parks.

Verne was born in 1825 and died in 1905 with his imaginative works widely adapted, such as Disney’s 1954 film and the memorable Underwater Journey to Disneyland. The film and the ride are just a few examples of the many ways artists of all mediums have adapted Verne’s stories over the years. With VR allowing players on PC VR headsets and standalone systems like Quest or Pico to play together wherever they are, however, the designers of Mighty Coconut – including an ex-Imagineer – approach mini golf “as a format and it just so happens that it’s the connective tissue that allows us to create these really big, inventive worlds,” studio head Lucas Martell told us recently.

Each paid downloadable course in Walkabout is priced at $2.99 ​​and the developers support a guest pass feature that allows a player who has paid for a course to bring their friends for free. Courses include an additional hard mode and hidden balls to add replayability, and the developers told us they’re still working on a version that extends the game to traditional phones.

We certainly have other ideas in this public domain space, but an important thing for us is always what we can do from an environment and gameplay perspective,” Martell said in a prepared statement. “Our criteria for public domain and licensed courses is that they should be incredibly fun while allowing us to do something new and unexpected.”

If you haven’t had a chance to play the Labyrinth DLC course yet to see how the designers of Mighty’ Coco bring well-known properties to VR, be sure to check out our recent Martell Walkthrough in the video. below. And check back with UploadVR as we find details of upcoming Twenty Thousand Leagues Under The Sea and Myst courses.

Michael C. Ford