Keep it up’ – Billy Foster hurry up Matt Fitzpatrick

Billy Foster is one of the most recognizable caddies on the professional tour having cadged for Tiger Woods, Seve Ballesteros and Lee Westwood. Now on the bag of Englishman Matt Fitzpatrick, the duo have formed a very strong team, with the 27-year-old securing several top 10 finishes, as well as a win at Valderrama last season.

During the second round of the Masters (opens in a new tab) however, the pair had a slight quarrel on the par-5 13th, with Fitzpatrick being told by his caddy to “carry on”.

Undecided as to whether he should stop or not, the Englishman looked uncertain on a yardage that had been given by Foster. Stepping away from the ball, Fitzpatrick questioned the cat, which forced the caddy to speak bluntly, “We both thought about it and decided it was the right play, so keep going.”

The joke caused the player to ask, “Oh sorry, are you in a hurry?” To which Foster replied, “No, there is no rush.”

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The pace of play at the Masters (opens in a new tab) had been questioned after the first round, with players taking around five and a half hours to complete their 18 holes. However, with Foster it was quite a contrast, with the Englishman telling his boss to carry on.

After the humorous moment, Fitzpatrick would go on to make a par at the par 5, with the Englishman remaining relatively steady through the remainder of his second round at Augusta National.

Foster is arguably one of the most experienced caddies on the Tour, with the Englishman caddying at countless Majors and Ryder Cups. A famous story involves Foster at the Ryder Cup where he slipped sheets of toilet paper on Tiger Woods in a toilet stall (opens in a new tab)with the caddy saying “Europe one-up” as he did.

Michael C. Ford