Latest snowfall affects golf courses in the region

Monday’s snowfall impacted local golf courses.

At Roseland Golf and Curling Club in south Windsor, general manager and chief golf professional Dave Deluzio said the course was closed on Tuesday and only a few rounds were played yesterday morning.

He says the course remains in excellent condition and the snow has caused no damage to the turf or the course itself.

Deluzio says they were ready for the snowfall.

“Luckily our golf course superintendent has the course in excellent condition and all the chemicals are off so they won’t take any damage, but we’re definitely not getting the play we expect at this time of year. “

He says the course should reopen on Wednesday.

“We are always prepared for bad weather, rain or shine,” continued Deluzio. “We prefer no snow in April but we have a good plan in place whenever that happens and the good news is there really isn’t any prolonged damage to the turf or the course and we should be open again tomorrow.”

Deluzio says the course is expecting a busy weekend with the forecast forecast.

“Hopefully it’s the end of the old man’s winter so to speak. The tee sheet, we’re pretty much at capacity for the weekend, we’ve got a few places left there. So , when the weather is nice, Roseland is a busy place and mother nature is not on our side right now,” he said.

The Roseland course reopened for the season on March 25.

Deluzio says the weather has been hit or miss, but he’s happy with the turnout so far.

Michael C. Ford