Lee Westwood and Eddie Pepperell at war on Twitter

Golf’s great divide continues to widen with LIV Golf star Lee Westwood and DP World Tour pro Eddie Pepperell engaging in a fiery war of words on Twitter over the weekend.

Westwood was among the first wave to join LIV Golf in a lucrative deal, but remained an outspoken figure, regularly criticizing both the PGA and DP World Tours.

Eventually, DP World Tour colleague Pepperell had enough.

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Pepperell fired Westwood after the latter posted a sarcastic Tweet referring to the strategic alliance between the two traditional Towers.

In the responses came Pepperell, who wrote, “Hard to know what to think of you these days Lee.

“You took the money to move to LIV (which is fine), but surely keeping quiet would be a better, classier way to do things at this point? Just a thought.”

Westwood seemed surprised by the response, replying, “I almost missed that tweet Ed. Are you saying I’m not allowed to voice my opinion on Twitter? I thought that was What was social media for?

Pepperell said he suggested Westwood “read the play” before speaking again.


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He added: “You did well, and moving on slowly might be better.

“We know you think (DP World Tour leader) Keith (Pelley) screwed up and the DP Tour is in the trash…but yeah, grab your cake and enjoy it in the corner.”

Westwood then bizarrely claimed that he was trying to defend the DP World Tour, as well as the Australian Tour, despite joining LIV Golf, which heavily impacted the former with the loss of a number of big stars.

“We will always disagree on this. I’ve watched the DPWT tour and Aus + others be intimidated by the PGA tour over the last 25 years and I don’t think we should turn to them and you think we should be a feeder tour and lose all our best players for them. Becoming the 5th best tour,” Westwood replied.

Golf Digest senior writer Alex Myers then chimed in, calling Westwood out on what could be seen as a hypocritical stance.

“But haven’t you joined a league intimidating everyone with $2 billion to burn which will weaken all tours and push the DP World Tour alive? How did that help the situation? Myers wrote.

Westwood fired back, “Here is yet another Golf Digest ‘senior editor’! You know that this situation has not happened recently. Why don’t you do real investigative journalism? »

Westwood’s initial tweet came in response to changes to the PGA Tour that will make it harder for European players to remain members of the US and European Tours.

Starting next year, PGA Tour players must play a minimum of 20 events between January and August to earn bonus money from the Player Impact Program (PIP).

DP World Tour players must also participate in a minimum of four non-Major European events to remain full members and eligible for Ryder Cup selection.

This issue puzzled Jon Rahm after the Tour Championship when asked how difficult it would be to play 20 events on the US PGA Tour.

“I don’t think I could add more,” he said after his 18th start since January.

“If we have to play all those 20, then yes, 100% ([itwouldbealottoasktheEuropeans)Iwouldn’tbesurprisedifthatchangesbecauseitputsmeinadifficultposition[itwouldbealottoaskoftheEuropeans)Iwouldn’tbesurprisedifthatchangesbecausethatputsmeinadifficultposition[ceseraitbeaucoupdemanderauxEuropéens)Jeneseraispassurprisquecelachangeparcequecelamemetdansunepositiondifficile[itwouldbealottoaskoftheEuropeans)Iwouldn’tbesurprisedifthatchangesbecausethatputsmeinadifficultposition

“If I’m going to play in Europe in the fall like I’m going to, I have to play from January to August 20 times… So yeah, especially with the Ryder Cup and having to play four in Europe, yeah, I think it’s a bit of a request, and I wouldn’t be surprised if they revise a rule a bit or make an exception for certain players.

“But if they do it for players like me and Rory (McIlroy), maybe they have to do it for everyone.”

Michael C. Ford