Letter: City and County Should Consider Merging Golf Course Management | Letters to the Editor

County golf courses are superior to city golf courses.

Nowhere is it envisaged to combine the management of urban and departmental parks. It should be. Libraries managed to combine.

The Tulsa City Council lacks golfers to back it up. The $1 million commitment, if matched, will be spent within the first six months.

Several years ago, the city council proposed to sell Stone Creek. Maybe it’s time to reconsider, even though I’d rather not. I would hate to see him go.

And don’t get me started on the Parks and Recreation trio. City, County, River Parks – we have three park systems (plus Gathering Place, Guthrie Green, John Hope Franklin Reconciliation Park, etc.). There is duplication of tools and equipment, redundant management and staff, each in its own silo realm.

I’m okay with paying a few extra bucks in game fees based on promises that things will improve with long-term planning and funding.

I would pay a few dollars more if the city and county courts were combined and run by the county.

This is short-sighted politics versus statesmanship for the greater good. It starts with the next city council election.

Golfers must demand that board candidates demonstrate with more than words, their continued commitment to a significantly enhanced golf experience.

Michael C. Ford