Lisburn golf courses receive £46,000 buggy bonus to help older players

A Northern Ireland council is spending more than £46,000 on golf carts – to help older players get around the course.

Lisburn and Castlereagh City Council are spending the money, citing an increase in the number of aging golfers visiting their two courses.

The eight buggies, which will cost taxpayers £46,656, will be used at Aberdelghy Golf Course in Lambeg and Castlereagh Hills Golf Club, both run by the LCCC.

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A spokesperson for the LCCC detailed the contract after full board ratification. It will cost £1,296 a month to hire the buggies.

A spokesperson said: “The council has awarded a three-year contract for the supply of eight golf carts.

“There are four each at Aberdelgy Golf Course and Castlereagh Hills Golf Club, with the contract going to Laird Grass Machinery Limited (Carrickfergus).

“The revenue generated by the strollers will more than offset the purchase cost.

“The purchase of new strollers has no impact on the costs associated with playing on our golf courses.”

The main reason for the new golf contract was identified as a greater need for mobility for the older generation of golf players in the LCCC region.

The spokesperson added: “As the popularity of golf continues to grow, the demand for buggies from the older generation visiting our golf courses has increased.

“To ensure that we meet the needs of all our customers and that we are inclusive for all, it is important that we have an adequate offer, in particular for those who may have mobility problems.

“Purchasing of strollers responds to an increased demand for their availability.”

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Michael C. Ford