LIV Golf Players Take the Money Wisely’ – Gary Player

After Charl Schwartzel’s victory in the inaugural LIV Golf Invitational series, in which he took home the biggest paycheck seen in a golf tournament, many are still unaware of the split this is causing in the golf world. , especially the issues surrounding the PGA. Tour and players leaving ship for LIV Golf.

One player who has seen it all in gaming is Gary Player, the 86-year-old who is never afraid to voice his thoughts and opinions on the subject at hand. After the event at the Centurion ended, Player was interviewed by Sky Sports and his answers certainly cut to the chase.

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To begin with, Player couldn’t understand why the two organizations were fighting, with the South African saying: “That’s the only thing I don’t like is seeing people on both sides being really critical of it. to each other. Golf is such a wonderful game and we must never forget that – The heart of the game is with the amateur and not the professional. What saddens me is to see the fights that take place and it is not necessary.”

Although Bryson DeChambeau and Dustin Johnson have entered the LIV Golf Series, the PGA Tour still holds the upper hand when it comes to top 50 players. “The PGA Tour will always have the best and strongest players in the world,” explains Player.

“This Tour (LIV), which the Saudis, who by the way are our allies, never forget. I hear a lot of detrimental things, but remember this, the players playing it now, they need They have families and I don’t blame them for playing there Not many of them can win on their regular Tour anymore so they take the money wisely but remember that the PGA Tour is the strong Tour.”

Gary Player waiting to play Augusta National

Player does not blame players for taking the money in LIV events

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As the first shot was fired at Centurion, PGA Tour commissioner Jay Monahan sent a scathing letter banning all players. (opens in a new tab) who play in the LIV Golf Invitational series and those who play in future events. The Tour also said LIV Golf players are “suspended or no longer eligible to participate” in PGA Tour tournaments.

The player, who is an ambassador for Golf Saudi, believes there is a place for the two Tours to work together, with the 86-year-old hoping they can “settle everything out of court and get better and better because that golf is a passport”. in the world.”

Michael C. Ford