LIV Golf’s Patrick Reed to Attend Asian Tour Events | Golf News and Tour Information

Patrick Reed of LIV Golf has committed to two upcoming events on the Asian Tour.

On Tuesday, the Asian Tour, which has a partnership with LIV Golf after receiving a $300 million investment from the Saudi-backed group earlier this year, announced that Reed would make his tour debut at the International Series Singapore (August 11-14). with a follow-up debut at the International Series Korea (August 18-21). Both the events will offer a $1.5 million purse, with a check for $270,000 to the winner. At Trump Bedminster last week, Reed won $975,000 for finishing fifth in the 48-man field, plus an additional $750,000 for being on the winning team.

The announcement is noteworthy for two reasons. Because LIV Golf is not accredited by the official World Golf Ranking System, LIV members do not receive OWGR points and therefore have had their rankings lowered. Their positions are imperative to advance to major championships, as (currently, at least) the Masters, PGA Championship, US Open and Open Championship have exemptions for top OWGR players. At the St. Andrews Open last month, LIV member Paul Casey mentioned that a group of LIV golfers were planning to travel to Asian Tour events to boost their dwindling numbers.

This problem certainly applies to Reed, whose exemptions from his 2018 Masters victory at the other three majors have run out. Once as high as world No. 7 in 2021, Reed enters the week at No. 46 in the OWGR. The drop isn’t just based on his leap to LIV; in his last 16 circuit-sanctioned starts, Reed has posted only one top 10 finish.

The second reason Reed’s play on the Asian Tour is notable is that he has stated that one of the draws of joining LIV Golf was his limited schedule, that he was tired of the constant travel required by the PGA Tour grinds. “It’s exhausting you. It affects you as an athlete, affects you as a person, as a father, and it’s for me, I feel like it’s the best decision ever. “, Reed said on joining LIV. “…Now I can compete at the highest level, but also prepare and prepare for every event and be able to be at home, and even if I’m going to prepare at home , I can spend time with the children.”

Due to his defection to LIV Golf, Reed can no longer play on the PGA Tour; Reed himself said he had resigned his membership.

Last week, LIV Golf completed its third event of its inaugural eight-tournament season. His next competition is scheduled for the first week of September.

Michael C. Ford