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Hershey’s Steve Alger putts on the third green during the Foxburg Hickory Championship Friday at Foxburg Country Club. Shane Potter / Butler Eagle

Shane W Potter

14th Annual Foxburg Hickory Championship Takes Golfers Back in Time

FOXBURG — Founded in 1887, Foxburg Country Club is considered the oldest golf course in the United States.

The installation does more than present the story. The 14th annual Foxburg Hickory Championship – taking place on the course this weekend – gives golfers a chance to experience history.

Hickory golf events are played with hickory sticks (clubs) that date back to the 1920s era. Tournament participants also hit golf balls corresponding to those times and wear breeches and other apparel of that era. era as they play.

“If people are willing to travel, and a lot of these gentlemen are, there are hickory golf events going on somewhere in the country almost every weekend,” said Karen Johnson, who helps her husband , Tom, to organize the event this weekend.

“We also serve as a trading post for equipment. Golfers bring surplus hickory clubs with them. Golfers buy, sell or trade them in addition to playing.

The Foxburg Hickory Championship this weekend features a field of 40 golfers from 16 states – Washington, Oregon, Iowa, Nebraska, Wisconsin, Michigan, Kentucky, Ohio, Virginia, New Jersey, Florida, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Illinois, Texas and Arizona . This year’s field is the largest in tournament history.

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