NEKO GOLF: Anime GOLF will be launched in October worldwide for iOS, Android

COLOPL will release a “stylistic anime golf game” NEKO GOLF: Anime GOLFknown as Shironeko Golf in Japan, for iOS via App Store and Android via Google Play in October worldwide, the company announced.

Here’s a preview of the game, via COLOPL:


NEKO GOLF: Anime GOLF combines the excitement of golf action with dynamic 3D animated environments and smooth, easy-to-use controls to create a new kind of golf game that brings the feeling of playing real golf to your fingertips. Choose and fully customize one of five unique characters, then log in and compete against players from around the world! With a significant amount of game modes and customizable options and tournaments, NEKO GOLF: Anime GOLF offers a fun and competitive golf game experience for fans of all ages.

Main characteristics

  • Competitive and single-player game modes, one-on-one competition, and regular online tournamentsNEKO GOLF: Anime GOLF features game modes for competitive and solo golfers! Enter the “Golf Tour” to compete against players from all over the world! Choose between “Battle Mode” to compete for the high score or “Enjoy Mode” where you can enjoy golf without worrying about winning or losing. Compete in a tournament or just hit the driving range solo to improve your skills. In-game assistance with hands-on tutorials with the Chaco Instructor is also available to help improve every player’s golf game.
  • Five unique golfers to choose from and fully customize with fashionable apparel and accessories – Featuring five unique golfers, each with their own strengths and weaknesses to choose from, NEKO GOLF: Anime GOLF provides players with a fun cast of characters, allowing them to discover what best suits their play style. Players can also further customize their characters with fashionable clothes and other accessories, so they can show off their own style on the golf course.
  • Tackle colorful animated golf courses with realistic golf equipment – Colorful airships and quirky statues of a raccoon-like creature bring vibrant texture to a variety of creative fairways. Players will need to overcome obstacles such as cat’s-leg sand traps and varying weather conditions to be the best on the course. With a variety of realistic golf clubs, each with slightly different characteristics to collect and equip, players can build a set of clubs that best suits their strategy!
  • Connect with your friends with in-game voice chat and cute cartoon emoticons – With in-game voice chat and a large amount of cute emotes to choose from, NEKO GOLF: Anime GOLF players have a variety of ways to express themselves as they connect and interact with other golfers on the course!

Watch a new set of trailers below. Visit the official site here.


Video presentation

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