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DETROIT LAKES – Lakes Golf Simulator officially opens on Friday, October 28 and adds entertainment options for those who live in or visit Detroit Lakes.

The new venture, located in the Mall at 1123 US Highway 10, offers a 15-foot-wide, 9½-foot-tall screen that golfers can place a ball in front of and walk away from.

Owners Brady and Jackie Baxter said they purchased the “highest quality” system that includes 30 course options for Lakes Golf Simulator members.

“There are 30 courses scheduled, 95% being courses you can find on the map and the rest being fantastic golf courses,” Brady said.

The Baxters have even teamed up with the Detroit Lakes Country Club and are having the course that hosts the Pine to Palm tournament mapped and added to the simulator. While members can play with guests or solo, there is also the option to play with others online.

“We’re also looking at a simulation league,” Brady said.

Members can also improve their game, as equipment sensors detect swing speed, angle at which the ball was hit, ball spin and more. The company also strives to bring golf lessons to the facility during the winter months.

Residents of Hawley considered opening a golf simulator after playing there. The two conducted market research and saw that there was potential for such a business in the Detroit Lakes community. After touring several golf simulators, the two decided that the 24-hour facility was the model they would follow. Brady explained that members schedule a tee time and then get an access code.

The standard time slot is 90 minutes. Brady noted that classes average 60 minutes, but they want their clients to enjoy the experience and not feel rushed. Each member receives unlimited reservations.

Members of the Detroit Lakes Region Chamber of Commerce were the first to try out the new golf simulator at Detroit Lakes.

Barbie Porter/Detroit Lakes Tribune

Subscriptions can be purchased on a monthly or annual basis, and there are discounts for students (16+) and teachers. There are also options for members to bring guests.

If someone wanted to try the one-month subscription and then upgrade to an annual subscription, Brady said that was an option, provided the company hadn’t hit its 135-member cap.

Sessions can be booked at

Lakes Golf Simulator owners Brady and Jackie Baxter are opening their business on Friday, October 28.

Barbie Porter/Detroit Lakes Tribune

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