NFL Insider Ian Rapoport ranks his favorite golf courses around the world

The NFL never sleeps, but who needs sleep when you have an afternoon tee time?

Not Ian Rapoport, the NFL Network reporter whose burgeoning golf addiction did nothing to harm his 3.5 million followers on Twitter or his reputation as one of the sport’s preeminent insiders. Rapoport is one of the top news outlets in sports media, a job that requires him to build relationships with the biggest players in sports and share scoops on them. Often, it’s also a job that leaves him breaking news in the middle of the night (or in the middle of the ride).

Still, those responsibilities weren’t enough to stop golf addict Rapoport from saying yes to invitations to some of the most coveted places in the golf world. And as he explained on this week’s episode of GOLF’s Subpar, those invitations have been plentiful.

“I love Winged Foot, oh yeah it’s great for the handicap,” Rapoport said of his favorite courses. “I liked both courses, I don’t know, the greens are crazy, it’s one of the only places you walk in, it feels like you walk into Fenway or Wrigley or Lambeau. Winged Foot is green, it’s beautiful and it’s amazing.

Rapoport’s passion for classic venues also brought him to Congressional, the former host of the US Open in Bethesda, Maryland. A recent renovation by renowned architect Andrew Green has sparked people’s interest in the beloved course – a view Rapaport shares.

“I had a blast in Congress, I played the Blue Course. Baker Mayfield ruined my game, but I was playing really well. I thought the redesign was so cool,” he said. “One of my favorite things was that we were standing on the front nine before going under the bridge, and you can see the whole course. They cut down a bunch of trees and being able to see that amazing view is such a thing. The fact that trees are out of fashion is so cool because it improves the view.

And while we’re on the subject of major hosts, Rapoport would be remiss to leave Kiawah Island off his list — a beating he says was well worth the cost of admission.

“I liked the Ocean Course because it was an absolute grind,” he said. “The coolest part of the Ocean Course for me is that you can putt anything. I knew I liked putting before, but you come out of the bunkers, you go down hills. I left that class and thought, “I’m going to putt everything from now on” and it made me a lot better.

To hear the rest of Rapoport’s interview, see the link here, or watch the video below.

James Colgan Editor

James Colgan is associate editor at GOLF, contributing articles to the website and magazine. He writes the Hot Mic, GOLF’s weekly media column, and uses his experience broadcasting across the brand’s social media and video platforms. A 2019 graduate of Syracuse University, James — and obviously, his golf game — is still thawing after four years in the snow. Prior to joining GOLF, James was a caddy scholarship recipient (and crafty looper) on Long Island, where he is from. He can be reached at [email protected]

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