Pemberton golf courses rolling despite the cold

Pemberton golf courses are looking good to start the season and expect traffic to pick up throughout the summer

While Whistler’s golf courses all opened for the season late last week, Pemberton’s golf season has already been underway for several weeks.

Big Sky Golf Club, one of the top five golf courses in British Columbia according to Scorecard magazine, opened on April 22 and despite the “unusually cold weather for the season,” General Manager Christine Kohls said the conditions held up very well.

“The snow we had throughout the winter created a nice cover, so it insulated and protected the greens and fairways really well,” she said. “It’s not yet warm enough for the new seeds to germinate and start growing, but overall they’re in great shape for mid-May.”

Like almost every other golf course in British Columbia, Big Sky has also seen a major influx of golfers and returning members during the pandemic. And even if things return to semi-normal conditions, Kohls doesn’t think the club will see a drop in numbers at all.

In fact, with the return of tournaments and events this year, she thinks this summer could be as busy as ever for the club, as long as Mother Nature cooperates a little.

“The return to tournaments has been really exciting. We are looking to host live music events in the restaurant. We have 16 weddings booked this year so it will be really nice to be able to host parties, events and tournaments without restrictions again,” she said.

“But a little help from Mother Nature so you don’t have to deal with floods, fires [or] mosquitoes would be great.

And for those who want to get out and play some golf, but aren’t looking to pay Big Sky’s peak rates of $159, Kohls encourages them to come to the Academy Course, a five-hole, par three course with rounds for just $10.

“It’s a great way for families, people who can’t golf, girlfriends, boyfriends, whoever, to get out and have fun,” she said.

Meanwhile, Sunstone Golf Club, which kicked off the golf season a week earlier on April 16 with live music from Dakota Pearl, also came out of the winter in good shape, according to general manager Kevin McLeod.

However, with the cold weather, McLeod said numbers have dropped slightly so far this season, but he expects bookings to pick up once the weather warms.

Like at Big Sky, McLeod is delighted to return to hosting events this year after being restricted for the past two years.

Events include tournaments, more live music like the club had on opening day and a comedy night on May 28, which features three of Canada’s “up and coming, fresh and funny comedians”, according to McLeod.

Finally, with fuel prices skyrocketing these days, McLeod is delighted to announce the club’s new green fee deals which he says will “help ease the pain at the pump” and consist of fares reduced on certain days and times.

Tickets for the comedy night as well as new green fee offers are available at

Michael C. Ford