Penn State Golf Courses partners with WGA Eastern Caddy Academy for summer

UNIVERSITY PARK, Pennsylvania. – Penn State Golf Courses partnered with the Western Golf Association Caddy Academy this summer, providing caddy opportunities to promising high school students across the country who are pursuing the WGA’s prestigious Platt Evans Scholarship. A total of 15 participants are currently working on the Blue and White courses from June 20 to August 5.

The mission of the WGA is to provide summer cadet opportunities to underfunded high school students who excel in the classroom and in their communities. Program participants are chosen early in their high school career (freshman) based on their excellent academics, leadership, and character. While working as caddies, students have the opportunity to earn summer income, meet role models, and benefit from the valuable life lessons the program offers. After successfully completing three summer programs, participants then become eligible to apply for the Platt Evans Scholarship, which is a full scholarship for tuition and housing.

Participants live and work together for seven weeks at Penn State Evans Scholars House during the summer. To date, four Eastern Caddy Academy attendees have received the Penn State scholarship and two have been to Notre Dame. In 2022, over 150 boys and girls will attend Caddy Academy, which has grown from the initial 12 in 2012.

For local golfers, this offers a unique opportunity to play a vital role in the success of the program while benefiting from caddy services at the Blue and White courses. There is no direct caddy cost for golfers using their services through the program as individuals are funded by the academy and is a gratuity based program only. The recommended tip for a job well done, per caddy, is $10 for nine holes and $20 for 18. Of course, golfers are free to choose the tip that suits them.

Services offered by WGA caddies included:

  • Bag holder or Cart/Fore-Caddie
  • Maintenance of your clubs during the tour
  • Track your golf ball once hit
  • Provide distances to the middle of the green
  • Fix the divots
  • Raking the sand
  • Hold the flag
  • Clean golf clubs and ball
  • The only thing they can’t do is drive the cart for you, because they’re under 18

If area golfers are interested in a caddie or front caddie anytime this summer, email Joe Hughes at Penn State Golf Courses at [email protected] Caddies are available Monday through Saturday, 7:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. When students are not on the golf course, they are preparing for SAT/ACT tests and participating in other college studies, as well as listening to various guest speakers. throughout their seven-week program.

Michael C. Ford