Priority golf members can lock in lane fees while dispute persists

Those who purchase Village Priority Golf Memberships can lock in their executive golf course fees for a year if they buy now before a final decision is made on a revised deal on tee times and pass services.

Officials balk at the 10-year take-it-or-leave-it deal being pushed by the developer. The Amenity Authority Committee, which oversees amenities north of County Road 466, voted 3-2 on Wednesday to file the deal between the promoter and the village government. The project-wide advisory committee, which oversees amenities south of County Road 466, is expected to discuss the deal when it meets at 8:30 a.m. Monday at the SeaBreeze Recreation Center.

For many years, the developer, who owns and operates the championship golf courses, has used the access rights to the executive golf courses, which are owned by the residents, as a priority member benefit. Critics argue that the perk puts money in the developer’s pocket while residents pay for golf cart wear and tear at executive golf courses. The new agreement would eliminate executive course fees for priority members.

Deputy District Manager Carrie Duckett revealed on Friday that Villagers who purchase priority subscriptions now will have their track costs covered for the next 12 months during Village Executive Courses.

“Right now, if you pay or renew, they’re telling you you get executive golf for the year,” Community Development District 4 supervisor Cary Sternberg said during the board meeting Friday at the Savannah Center.

Duckett confirmed that was the case.

Golfers paying for Priority Memberships now can lock in their Executive Course Fees until this time next year by purchasing the Priority Membership from the developer.

Officials have raised numerous concerns about the deal, from the decade-long contract length to outdated software used in the tee time system.

However, if maintainers don’t sign on the dotted line with the developer, they realize they will be on their own. Officials don’t want to potentially plunge into chaos without a tee time reservation system in place.

“We are now in a position where we have no control. We must realize that we are puppets. It’s something residents need to understand,” Sternberg said.

You can read the proposed agreement at this link: Tee_Time_and_Trail_Pass_Services_Agreement_Final

Michael C. Ford