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The tension surrounding LIV Golf’s players at the British Open continues to evaporate after a tense exchange between Lee Westwood and a reporter.

Things went sour between Westwood and a reporter when Westwood blamed the media for “stirring up” tension between LIV Golf players and non-LIV players.

“I think the media is fueling it and doing everything they can to help it,” Westwood said.

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Superb Smith takes the second lap lead | 02:33

“I think the general public just wants to go out there and see great golf, no matter where it’s played or who’s playing it.”

When there was a reaction from a reporter about it, Westwood said, “We could sit here and chat all day, but…I’ve spoken to a lot of [non-LIV players] and there is no animosity between the players. Yet history has been written that there is. Yes, you are creating problems where there are none. You want to be like that, fine.


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Hovland holes a pretty eagle | 00:47

Tensions rose when a reporter suggested the R&A wouldn’t be happy to see a LIV Golf player win this week.

“Who told you that, [R&A CEO] Martin Slumbers?” Westwood said. “Did he tell you the R&A wouldn’t be happy?” He said that?

When the reporter said, “No,” Westwood said, “Well, you just made that up then, okay. So we don’t need to have this conversation, do we? I think he will be happy that whoever is the champion golfer of the year holds the trophy in the air on Sunday night because he played the best. And that’s what the R&A expects from this championship. They want the best player to win, no matter what circuit they play on. ”

Poulter, meanwhile, disputed reports that he had been heckled by spectators for his alliance with the Saudi-backed tour.

“I actually thought I had a great reception on the first tee, to be honest,” Poulter said.

“All I heard was applause. I didn’t hear any heckling. In three weeks, I heard nothing. Not a single sound. You can write whatever you want about it. “Being heckled and booed. You’ve gone 18 holes. Did you hear a comment?”

Woods bows out to stunning applause | 01:26

Despite the rift between players who took Saudi money and players supporting the PGA Tour and DP World Tour, Poulter said his relationship with non-LIV players hasn’t changed.

“We might have a difference of opinion, but they’re my friends,” Poulter said. “We all have opinions, don’t we? We’re still friends no matter the landscape and wherever you golf.”

Asked about his reaction to the strong way Slumbers denounced players who went to play for LIV Golf, Poulter said: “I deliberately didn’t watch at all. I do not want to know. You can tell me [but] I will not listen. I am here to play golf. This could probably be my last open championship at St. Andrews, so I’m trying to enjoy it despite the questioning. I stay away.”

DeChambeau said he “respects everyone’s opinions,” but added, “It’s a major championship. I’m going in with a mindset that I’m focused on trying to win this golf tournament. So that was not the focus of my concerns. I focused on the competition doing my best here.

This article first appeared on New York Postand has been reproduced with permission.

Michael C. Ford