Samsung brings autonomous delivery robots to golf courses

Last update: September 29, 2022 at 17:55 UTC+02:00

Samsung Welstory – the company’s food distribution arm – is ready to make fully self-contained deliveries to golf courses in South Korea. The company has partnered with South Korean self-driving and software company Neubility to bring the self-driving robot Neubie to golf courses in the domestic market.

The companies hope that by bringing smart technologies to golf courses in South Korea, they will attract young golf enthusiasts and make the sport more appealing to a wider audience. The Neubie autonomous robot was tested by Neubility in March, determining that the four-wheeled autonomous delivery vehicle can navigate a variety of terrains, from narrow or curved paths to steep inclines. (Going through IoTWorldToday)

The little engine that could

Samsung Welstory and Neubility plan to start shipping the Neubie autonomous robot in October. Neubility plans to deploy more than 200 delivery robots by the end of the year, but the exact number of robots employed by Samsung for golf courses is unknown. Nonetheless, Neubie has several use cases, and after the initial batch is released, the autonomous robot could find new roles in retail and enterprise environments.

As for what the Neubie robot looks like, it looks like an oversized delivery backpack with wheels and LED “eyes” that can have different expressions. It doesn’t look threatening in any way, and that was probably by design. Check out the video below, as it shows these little robots wandering and navigating around the world.

Michael C. Ford