Saturday weather offers shorts and short sleeves in London, Ontario. golf course

The calendar might read early November, but that hasn’t stopped Londoners from hitting the golf green or the cycle paths and making the most of Saturday’s unusually warm weather.

“It’s bonus weather for November and we’re taking full advantage of it,” says golfer Jay Johnstone of Highland Golf and Country Club. “It’s quite crowded here because we weren’t expecting 20-21 degrees.”

The course was full in what might be the last hot weekend of the year.

“We’ve seen above normal temperatures all week and not just a few degrees, we’re on average eight to 10 degrees above normal temperature for this time of year,” says Julie Atchison, CTV News London meteorologist.

Saturday’s high was 22°C, and Atchison says the record temperature is 22.4°C, down from 2015.

In Springbank Park, hundreds of Londoners exercised; with most people saying they would probably be here anyway enjoying the heat – but not in shorts.

Boler Mountain bike trails usually close in October, but they have extended the season by a week.

“I love cycling, so if I could keep on the bike and avoid riding indoors for as long as possible, I’ll do it,” says cyclist Greg Van Morsel.

After this weekend, the trails will close and they will begin to transition into the winter season, with plans to hold a ski season job fair later this week.

“The weather is great for us to gear up and get everything ready,” says Boler Mountain manager Marty Thody. “We know that winter is fast approaching and we are quite confident that we will be open in mid-December. We are doing everything we can to prepare for it, if not sooner.

Temperatures are expected to remain in the teens for the next few days.

“By Friday, we’ll start to see temperatures return to where we should be for this time of year,” Atchison said.

She adds: “Forecast models are showing a push of cold air coming in and that will put us where we should be for this time of year, but it won’t be very cold. However, we will transition to more November-like temperatures. If you look at what’s happening in western Canada, they’re already in winter conditions, so that’s going to change again and we’re going to see the fresh air coming back.

While some area golf courses will remain open for weeks, the Highland Golf and Country Club (HGCC) will close next weekend to winterize the course.

“We’re here until next Sunday, then after Sunday we pull the flags and start preparing the golf course for winter,” says HGCC chief professional Rick Pero.

As for golfers, they will enjoy it as long as it lasts.

“Tomorrow is supposed to be fun,” says golfer Kelly Finch. “Next week is supposed to be nice, and you have to take advantage of it because it could rain or snow soon.”

Michael C. Ford