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“Success in golf relies less on strength of body than on strength of mind and character.” Arnold Palmer

Golf is the premier physical education workshop for students at the Seven Summits Center for Learning.

In Rossland, moderate fall temperatures are ideal for practicing outdoor sports.

Why choose golf? The benefits of learning to golf are numerous. Golf improves mental and physical health, which is especially helpful at the start of a new school year.

The game of golf teaches respect, integrity, discipline and right from wrong. Additionally, golf teaches how to think, organize, and strategize. Physically, the action of swinging a club improves hand-eye coordination and reduces stress. Mentally, the game is stimulating, rewarding and an effective tool for personal development.

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Many 7S students have never played golf, so the workshop is divided into three parts: putter, drive and chip.

Lessons were taught by two local golf mentors, Joanne Drystek and Kole Harle. Both are avid golfers who enjoy passing on their skills to teach students this challenging sport. This is the second year that these two mentors have volunteered their time and expertise to expand the minds of 7S students in grades 8 and 9.

“It was a pleasure working with the students at Seven Summits and seeing how quickly they learned the basics of golf,” said Drystek.

“Students can learn the basic skills and from their mistakes they develop a better understanding of the game,” says Harle. “I’m so impressed with their willingness to try to focus on personal improvement and golf performance.”

Seven Summits students have benefited from local golf facilities, starting with the Redstone Golf Resort, which offers a driving range and practice greens for putting and chipping.

Then, the following week, the students traveled to Birchbank Golf Club to learn from golf shop assistant Blair Debnam, a Junior Golf Ambassador. Again they practiced putts, chips and drives.

Birchbank Golf Club is full of junior golfers. This is the home course of the team from JL Crowe High School and students from Glenmerry School. Plus, every year Birchbanks hosts St. Michael’s School for an exclusive golf outing with lunch included.

“The juniors are the future of our sport. Therefore, we strive to do what we can to help expose students to the game as often as possible. It is Birchbank’s commitment to giving back to the surrounding communities,” said Jeff Papilion, Birchbank Golf Director and CPGA Chief Professional.

“I really liked the Birchbank course; it was very classy and rich,” says Grade 8 student Grace Benner. “I enjoyed working with Blair the most because he took the time to help and found creative ways to get better hitting results. I would really love to get back there and play. Who knew I would love to even golf because I didn’t think I liked it.”

“Blair was very helpful in learning how to make better contact with the ball. I always thought I had to hit the ball as hard and as fast as possible, but he helped me slow down my swing, and I hit the ball so far!” said Emerick DesLauriers.

Young people are the future of any sport, especially golf, which sums up the philosophy of Birchbank Golf Club and Redstone Golf Resort.

Golf is considered a lifelong sport. People of all ages can play and enjoy the benefits of the fresh air and the challenge of playing the course.

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