The 3 Best Miniature Golf Courses in Washington

It’s National Miniature Golf Day in the USA and we want you to celebrate in style! We went looking for the biggest and best miniature golf courses in Washington. Of course, we have to give an honorable mention to our hometown miniature golf course at the Yakima Family Fun Center.

Now let’s move on to the 3 best mini golf courses in Washington, which we really had to narrow down. Not only is Washington home to some of the greatest miniature golf courses, but also some of the most fun. So we took all the information we could and created our list.

3.) Shankz Blacklight Miniature Golf in Chehalis

Mini golf is a fun and easy game that anyone can participate in. People have created great attractions to make it as fun as possible, including windmills, bridges, buildings, etc. Shankz has done something different by making it an 18 hole black light miniature golf course. You will experience it like never before, illusions, traveling through the jungles, the land of the dinosaurs and even in the ocean with the sharks.

2.) Flatstick Pub in Kirkland

This little pub is more than meets the eye, not only can you enjoy a cold local beer or your favorite cocktail here, but you can also swing on a 9-course miniature golf course. A perfect place to spend an evening with friends and maybe even entice the loser to buy drinks?

1.) Icicle Village Resort in Leavenworth

Leavenworth is a great fun family outing, especially if you’re staying at the Icicle Village Resort, you’ll find some amazing condominiums the whole family can stay in. They also offer arcade games and sports courts and of course, a huge 18-hole miniature golf course. which includes the history of Belvarian in its theme with beautiful German buildings and waterfalls. This course is loved by adults and children.

Michael C. Ford