The best disc golf courses in the Grande Vallée

GRAND JUNCTION, Colorado (KREX) — The digital team of have worked diligently to bring you lists of important things around the Grand Valley. For example, we have brought you the imperative information included in the top-rated pizzas on the West Rim and the equally vital and top-rated wineries on the West Rim. Now we offer you something close to our hearts: disc golf courses.

With our previous articles, we’ve used Google to bring you reviews and ratings of local establishments. Surprisingly, it’s not that easy when it comes to venues for Colorado’s favorite flying disc sport. With that in mind, we turned to Nigel Bibler and the more than 1,600 members of the Grand Valley Disc Golf Club to help us classify courses.

We had 112 votes in total on the fantastic West Side Frisbee courts. Here’s what the experts had to say:

Best of the best

🥏 Riverbend Park (Palisade) – 63 votes out of 112

“Highly technical wooded holes combined with long bomber holes make this the toughest course in the valley. Requires a wide variety of shots for a good score. The course follows the river, but water does not come into play. only a handful of holes.–Nigel Bibler

“Riverbend is the only course in the valley where you can throw full power shots. Lots of trees to add difficulty. One of the best courses in the state. –J.C. Kester

“I chose Riverbend because it has the most challenge, the longest holes and the best views, I would say it’s how many people walk as it’s also a dog park and if you have a bad shot, it’s easier to lose a disc and harder to find. -Scott McCullah Jr.

🥏 Watson Island (Grand Junction) – 31 votes out of 112

“The most central course and arguably the most popular/busiest course. Lots of ace racing with some technical holes mixed in which makes this my favorite course. There are a few bonus holes including a “clowns mouth” hole that plays under the 5th Street Bridge and one that plays under the train tracks. Hole #1 is found after crossing a bridge behind the Botanical Gardens and extends from the 5th Street Bridge to the Los Colonias Bridge. You’re likely to see families and groups of people with a wide variety of skill levels here. –Nigel Bibler

“Watson offers a full 22-hole course that remains very difficult to match. It also requires less control as most holes have fewer obstacles and a lower ceiling than Riverbend. However, Riverbend is a close second in my book! –Josh Waalkes

🥏 Snooks Down (Fruity) – 10 votes out of 112

“The course has an upper and lower part. If you park in the upper parking lot, you play through a few open holes, then throw the signature hole off a cliff to the lower area. Some people park off Broadway and only play the lower loop. Never super busy and definitely a course for all skill levels.” –Nigel Bibler

🥏 Matchett Park (Grand Junction) – 6 votes out of 112

“Hiking + disc golf. I don’t think there is another course like Matchett in the world. Lots of elevation change and variety holes. Not recommended for beginners due to the punishment it can be if your shots go off target. Some of the most unique holes, ranging from valleys and streams to the iconic hole which is a ‘top of the world’ shot with incredible views. Bring plenty of water and don’t recommend playing in the height of summer due to lack of shade.” –Nigel Bibler

Honorable mentions

🥏 CMU (Grand Junction)

“Excellent beginner putter course that takes place on the CMU campus. You have to be very careful of people walking. –Nigel Bibler

🥏 Small salt wash (Fruity)

“Shorter course with a bit of elevation gain. Great for beginners trying out different varieties of shots without much consequence for bad shots. Can get muddy and flooded at certain times of the year. Usually not very busy and you can play a game quickly. –Nigel Bibler

🥏 West Lake (Grand Junction)

“Best place to play for anyone new to the sport. Mid-range putters and discs only. Great course for a quick lunch. Lots of people getting their first aces here! –Nigel Bibler

“It’s great fun hanging out with friends who are new to the sport and letting them experience the excitement of throwing a shot that might come in. Always a pleasure and there will almost always be other members of the community to help out. !” – Kyle Couper

Not local, but worth the trip

🥏 Confluence Disc Golf (Delta)

“Fantastic course that plays along the Gunnison River. Long par 4s mixed with woodsy technical shots that can challenge anyone’s game. –Nigel Bibler

🥏 Cross Creek Disc Golf (Gypsum)

“Seasonal private mountain course. One of the best in all of Colorado. Well thought out with gorgeous views and a variety of holes and elevations. Pay to play before you start and it’s worth every penny. –Nigel Bibler

Michael C. Ford