The Plant City Lions Club Holds Annual Golf Fundraiser

The annual round is one of the organizations biggest fundraisers of the year.

Last Friday, the Plant City Lions Club traveled to Diamond Hill Golf Club for their annual golf tournament, one of the biggest fundraisers of the year.

The Lions Club hosts three major fundraisers each year, including its golf tournament, the Strawberry Queen’s Pageant and a food stand held at the Florida Strawberry Festival, with the golf tournament raising approximately $13,000 last year.

“This tournament is organized by the Plant City Lions Club and all local sponsors through their donations,” said club member and tournament organizer Jim Sparks. “All the money goes back to the community, that’s what Lions Clubs do. We have new eye screening equipment that we just purchased this year for child care and so on to screen children under six. If there is a child under the age of six and we can control him in time, we can get him glasses, if he cannot afford glasses, we will pay for him, and if we can have these things identified when they are under six years old, it can sometimes be corrected through glasses for the rest of their lives. After that it’s a bit difficult but that’s our goal, children. We do diabetes screenings, eye procedures and things like that. It’s one of our major fundraisers that helps us do just that.

Friday’s tournament included a round of golf, lunch and dinner, an awards ceremony and to raise additional funds, tickets were available for purchase to win a number of prizes which were raffled off at the end of the round. With a full field of 88 participants, the round started at 8am on a beautiful day in Dover.

The tournament is a staple of the Plant City Lions Club, which has been held for over 35 years.

“The Lions Club is focused on vision, but it does so much more, with disaster relief, hunger, diabetes and humanitarian efforts,” said President Bridget Zickefoose. “At the Plant City Lions Club, we really go out of our way to help kids get glasses. This year’s event has come together and we’ve been doing it for so many years that we kind of streamlined it. Tony Lee and Jim Sparks do a great job of making sure all the stations have someone to run it and it’s really sorted out. We’ve been at Diamond Hill for a few years now and I really think it’s a great place to bring people here, not just from Plant City but surrounding areas to support Plant City.

Michael C. Ford